PhillyClout Archive: July, 2012

No taxpayers $ for Jones' second district office, Bass hoping for one

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This Friday City Councilman Curtis Jones Jr. will celebrate the opening of his new digs –a second office in the Fourth Councilmanic district... Read more

Tuesday's DN: Many on City Council sip on a cool COLA

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Times are tough -- the economy is still struggling and local taxes keep going up. But at least salaries in one local industry -- Philadelphia's... Read more

Need Voter ID and a lift to the nearest PennDot center? Council can help

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If you need assistance traveling to the nearest Pennsylvania Department of Transportation center to get your Voter ID, City Council is here... Read more

Monday -- Do Corbett's policies hurt woman?

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Has Gov. Corbett waged a war on women in Pennsylvania? Thugs beat up Upper Darby man in wheelchair to get his pain pills. Stu Bykofsky weighs... Read more

City will appeal firefighters' arbitration award

A day after thousands of firefighters marched to City Hall to pressure Mayor Nutter to accept their recent arbitration award, the administration... Read more

Friday's DN --Philly is a Chick-fil-A landlord?

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Thousands of firefighters marched to City Hall yesterday to pressure Mayor Nutter into accepting their recent arbitration award. Nutter was... Read more

PhillyClout Video report on firefighter protest

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Several thousand firefighters marched on City Hall today trying to pressure Mayor Nutter to accept their recent arbitration award. Here's a... Read more

Thursday's DN: Slain teens lived in 'drug nexus'

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The shooting deaths of two Overbrook Park teens stemmed from a drug deal that went bad inside their house. ( Unlike his... Read more