City Attorneys Ask Court To Reconsider Casino Ruling

Mayor Nutter's administration asked the state Supreme Court today to reconsider it decision last month that SugarHouse, a proposed casino in Fishtown, has the right to build on 11 acres of state-owned "riparian lands" along the banks of the Delaware river. That property makes up half of Sugarhouse's 22 acres. This is not the first time the Mayor's Office or City Council has asked the court to reconsider a decision on a casino matter. So far, all of the court's rulings have stood without being re-examined.

The city Law Department, in a filing today, argued two points:  That the Court got it wrong when it decided a license to build on the riparian lands issued by then-Mayor Street's administration last year could not be revoked by a new mayor and that it could not be revoked because SugarHouse claimed to have relied on that license while making its casino plans.  SugarHouse, the Law Department wrote, "has proven no such thing."

State Sen. Vince Fumo last month said he and other legislators would appeal the decision in federal court.  SugarHouse has praised the court for its "meticulous legal and factual analysis."