Tayoun changes tune on Public Record's 'Chinky Winky' photo caption

The Philadelphia Public Record published a photograph on Thursday that identified three people at a fundraiser in Chinatown for City Councilman Mark Squilla as "Me Too, Chinky Winky and Dinky Doo."

Jimmy Tayoun, publisher of the Philadelphia Public Record, says he has fired the employee who wrote a series of racial slurs that appeared in a photo caption in Thursday's edition.

That's a change of tune for Tayoun, who on Friday told Clout and Philadelphia magazine the photo caption slurs were a "proofreading error" that was missed after a freelance photographer submitted "nicknames" for three of the nine people in the picture with City Councilman Mark Squilla.

Tayoun yesterday retracted his comments that blamed the photographer, saying he spoke in "haste the other day about the deplorable error in our Aug. 21 issue."  

Tayoun today declined to identify the staffer who wrote the caption or say what that person's job title was.

"We don't want to add fuel to the fire," said Tayoun.

The photo, taken at a political fundraiser for Squilla in Chinatown, identified three people as: "Me Too, Chinky Winky and Dinky Doo."

Tayoun, who served on City Council and as a state legislator before serving time in federal prison on public corruption charges, said he called Squilla last week to alert him about the photo caption.

The Public Record, which has published since 1999, sells much of its print advertising space to would-be politicians, elected officials and labor unions.