Our Mayor, Known To Rap, Tries New Age On For Size

So Mayor Nutter shows up at the Independence Seaport Museum last night and the crowd goes crazy when he starts talking up the goals of the PennPraxis 10-year plan for the Delaware riverfront.

Nutter's first big hit:  He's blowing up the Penn's Landing Corp., giving it a new name and a new board and a new mission and forcing the famously secret non-profit to operate in the open.

And how does Nutter bring the point home?  A little new age music of course.  Nutter paused his speech, asking, "Can you hear the music?"  And up comes the audio for The Fifth Dimension song "Aquarius/Let the sun shine."  On the giant screen behind Nutter, the image of a seagull soaring against a clear blue sky lit up the room.  Groovy. For those who missed it, here's The Fifth Dimension rocking the TV, circa 1971.