1st District Council Race Heats Up

It looks there's a candidate interested in the 1st Councilmanic District, currently represented by Councilman Frank DiCicco.

Attorney Vern Anastasio, who has unsuccessfully run against DiCicco in the past, sent this email out today to supporters, indicating his interest in running in the Democratic primary next year. What's interesting is that Anastasio is referring to seat as open -- noting that DiCicco is in the controversial DROP retirement program. But DiCicco earlier this year told us, via his spokesman, that he was going to run again.

Anastasio told us that he will not run if DiCicco does run for re-election. "I’m running under the assumption that it’s an open seat. If he is still occupying that seat, I will not be running."

Asked if he was encouraging him to retire, Anastasio said: "I would never suggest that he ought to retire. As long as folks are healthy, people should be able to work for as long as they want."

We've put a call into DiCicco and will update when we hear from him.

Dear Friends:

In case you missed it, here's the link to Sunday's Philadelphia Inquirer column by Monica Yant Kinney highlighting my efforts to stand up and speak out against City Hall's attempts to balance its budget on the backs of small businesses: http://www.philly.com/inquirer/columnists/monica_yant_kinney/97751084.html

As I stated in the column, City Hall has always made it hard to start, build and sustain a small business in the city. With City Hall's current budget crisis, things have gotten worse. Absurd, random and inconsistent fees and other taxes make these difficult economic times harder for the people who go to work, pay the bills and keep this city alive. In the column, I call City Hall's treatment of Philadelphia's small business community "Bizarro World".

As the next First District City Councilperson, I will fight to end the hostile environment that City Hall has created for small business people. We cannot have a strong local economy if we continue to burden those who create the local economy.

In order to win the Democratic Primary for this open seat (as the incumbent is enrolled in the city's DROP retirement plan), I will need your support NOW. I need you to visit www.vernanastasio.com and hit the CONTRIBUTE button today and make a contribution to our campaign for a fresh start in the First Council District.

Any contribution you can make TODAY will make a difference. Though contribution limits are currently $2500.00, no contribution is too small. With your support, we can change how City Hall treats our small businesses and get our economy growing again.

Visit www.vernanastasio.com today and make the contribution that will make all the difference. I thank you for your kind consideration and support.

Vern Anastasio