Few Pols at the Palm

Larry Farnese accepts the congratulations of supporters moments after hearing of his victory last night over union leader John Dougherty.

Lunching at the Palm Restaurant, in the Bellevue Hotel, is a traditional post-Election Day activity for local politicians. But the scene was pretty quiet over there today. No walk of shame for John Dougherty, no victory lap by Mayor Nutter.

There was a victory celebration for Larry Farnese, who upset Dougherty and Anne Dicker to win the primary election for the state's first senatorial district. Councilman Frank DiCicco, Christian DiCicco and Councilman Jim Kenney were among the well-wishers.

Farnese said he always thought he had a shot, because polls showed him just a few points behind Dougherty. He said in the final days a lot of voters "realized that the the only chance to beat John Dougherty was to get behind my campaign."

Dicker called him last night, Farnese said. But he hasn't heard from Dougherty.

How about those reports that supporters at his victory party chanted "Doc is dead, Doc is dead."

Farnese said "I didn't hear any of that. I was running around."