Rendell to Philly: Build the Casinos!

Gov. Rendell also sent a message to Philadelphia legislators about casinos today -- start building them!

As Heard in the Hall reported yesterday, Rep. Robert W. Godshall (R-Montgomery) is readying a bill that would deny Philadelphia tax benefits from gaming.

Rendell today -- at a press conference with Mayor Nutter -- said the legislation could "pick up steam."

"There is mounting frustration in the legislature with Philadelphia to do what every jurisdiction in the state has done," he said. "The city's got to get on the stick and move."

Rendell refrained from any direct criticism of Mayor Nutter -- who recently revoked a license for the SugarHouse casino to build on state-owned waterfront land. 

"The mayor and I have talked about this," he said. "I'm all for the city doing things in the right process, but remember how long it has been." 

And Nutter chimed in to say: "I would absolutely reject the notion that I have slowed anything down."