Councilmen: Well, when my dad was mayor...

A chart introduced during a City Council budget hearing this afternoon prompted some pride -- and for a moment, some consternation -- for two councilmen.

Councilman Goode interrupted testimony to ask about the chart, which tracked city unemployment rates from 1970 to 2007. He seemed especially interesting in a period in the 1980s when the unemployment rate declined at a rapid pace. That period coincided with the mayoral administration of his father, the Rev. W. Wilson Goode Sr.

"Point of information" Councilman Bill Green called out.  Green's father preceded Goode's father in the Mayor's Office.

The author of the chart, Stan Shapiro of Philadelphia Neighborhood Networks, had a handy solution to the pseudo-sibling rivalry.  Shapiro pointed out that the decrease in unemployment started with Bill Green Sr. and continued with Wilson Goode Sr.