City Commission looking to bar sexual harrassment, nepotism

PhillyClout would like to warmly welcome the City Commission into the 21st Century, after the office today took the first step in establishing workplace policies that would bar sexual harassment and nepotism.

The policies were introduced by Commissioner Al Schmidt at the Commission's weekly meeting. He noted that the policies are very similar to rules put in place by Mayor Nutter last year for most of the city workforce.

Because the Commission is an independent elected office, Nutter could not impose the rules for the Commission's workers. And the previous leadership at the Commission made no move to do so, despite Nutter's urging. But there is new leadership at the office now, after two of the three elected commissioner positions changed hands in last year's election.

Commission Chairwoman Stephanie Singer applauded the move.

"The public needs to know that these public servants are here to serve the public and not themselves and their families," she said of the nepotism rules.

The commission plans to vote on whether to implement the rules at their meeting next week. All three commissioners said they expected to approve the measures.