The Department of Parks & Recreation has fired 13 part-time employees, after an inspector general's investigation found that they had two government jobs, violating rules against double-dipping in public employment.

Ten were school teachers, two were U.S. Postal Service employees, and one worked in state Attorney General Kathleen Kane's office. All 13 lost their part-time gigs with the city as assistant recreation leaders but can keep their full-time jobs. (None appear to be accused of holding "no show" positions or failing to fulfill the responsibilities of their jobs.)

The double-dipping rules they violated - a Home Rule Charter provision and a Civil Service regulation - help prevent workers from abusing taxpayer-funded benefits, said city Inspector General Amy Kurland, whose investigation led to the firings.

"Our City's underfunded municipal pension system is one of the biggest challenges Philadelphia faces," Kurland said. "The dual-employment prohibition is an important tool to prevent people who already have a government job from looking to the City for a second pension."