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POSTED: Wednesday, July 21, 2010, 1:32 PM

Allegheny County Executive Dan Onorato was in Philadelphia this morning to talk about job creation and training, making just one veiled reference to the political gaffes made by state Attorney General Tom Corbett in recent weeks.  Onorato spoke to about 120 people at the Breslin Training Center, run by the District 1199c of the National Union of Hospital and Health Care Employees union.

Onorato hit three notes that he has been preaching since before he won the Democratic nomination for governor on May 18 -- That Pennsylvania can lure and create more jobs if it has a fair tax structure that prevents some corporations from claiming they are based in other states such as Delaware; that state regulatory agencies must be business friendly and that training programs must match up with the needs of potential employers.

"Anybody who thinks that people don't want to work for decent pay, look at this room," Onorato said. "Don't tell me Pennsylvanians don't want to work. They want to work. That means we have to have jobs for them to work."

POSTED: Wednesday, July 21, 2010, 1:17 PM

Two city interns have been taking photos of Mayor Nutter out and about over the past few weeks. You can check them out here:

Here's a press release about the project:

Philadelphia, July 21, 2010 – Today the Mayor’s Office began to publish online a series of ‘behind-the-scenes’ photographs of Mayor Nutter, other members of the Administration, and citizens in neighborhoods and at events across Philadelphia. This is part of an ongoing effort to both provide citizens with a glimpse into the daily workings of city government and to continue to encourage different forms of artistic expression in Philadelphia. The program will be expanded to include agencies and departments across city government to highlight work that is being done in communities across the city.

POSTED: Wednesday, July 21, 2010, 11:06 AM

Former Senator Rick Santorum is making his third trip to New Hampshire this year on Monday. The conservative pol has been busy in both New Hampshire and Iowa in recent months, giving rise to speculation about his presidential plans.

Here's the release:

***Media Advisory***

POSTED: Wednesday, July 21, 2010, 10:39 AM

John Baer asks if gubanatorial candidate Tom Corbett can pass the "gaffe test."

Johnny Doc is angry with the Delaware River Port Authority.

Cops charged in drug plot are released on bail.

POSTED: Tuesday, July 20, 2010, 3:55 PM

Here's the release:


President Barack Obama will sign into law the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform  and Consumer Protection Act of 2010

POSTED: Tuesday, July 20, 2010, 10:49 AM

We told you in Friday's column that Rich Subbio, a former staffer for U.S. Rep. Bob Brady, is considering a run for City Council in the May 2011 Democratic primary election.  We also noted that Brady told us he could not support Subbio versus a Democratic incumbent on Council and couldn't have Subbio on his staff while he was considering a run.  What we didn't have was Subbio's side of the story.  We do now, via an e-mail that arrived today:

While it is true I am considering a run for Philadelphia City Council, I have not yet decided whether it will be a district or at-large race. I will be making that decision in the coming weeks as I talk to people in the community, both in my neighborhood and beyond. This much is clear: Philadelphia continues to need strong and independent leadership, people who are thoughtful and work hard. Working for Congressman Bob Brady, my friend and mentor of the last 25 years, I have also learned there comes a time to pull together for the common good. I have always valued Congressman Brady’s counsel and respect his position. But I learned from him that leadership requires the strength to know what’s right and do what’s right. I know the people of Philadelphia agree with me, and I look forward to having a conversation with them as I explore a candidacy.

Sincerely, Richard Subbio (Formerly Deputy Staff Director for the Committee on House Administration)

POSTED: Tuesday, July 20, 2010, 10:20 AM

Feds are considering more charges against cops accused of drug dealing.

Police arrest man suspected of shooting Philly cop.

Vice President Joe Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stump for Bryan Lentz in 7th Congressional District.

POSTED: Monday, July 19, 2010, 3:03 PM
Sestak & Toomey

Former U.S. Rep. Pat Toomey today continued his efforts to paint U.S. Rep. Joe Sestak as a tax-and-spend liberal while Sestak countered with more claims that Toomey only looks out of "Wall Street and the ultra-rich."

Toomey started the day with a news conference in front of Independence Hall, where he accepted the endorsement in the Nov. 2 general election for U.S. Senate from the Council for Citizens Against Government Waste.  Tom Schatz, that group's chairman, called Toomey a "proven leader in fighting higher spending and wasteful taxes," a record he said stood in "stark contrast" to Sestak's votes in the U.S. House.  Toomey hit Sestak for voting for earmarks, special spending items sought by individual lawmakers.  He called that a "very deeply flawed" part of how Congress spends money.

Sestak, who was in Washington, D.C. for House votes today, followed Toomey with an afternoon conference call with Gus Faucher, a Pennsylvania economist.  Sestak said Toomey "did damage to American economic stability" when the former Congressman repeatedly voted to drive up the nation's deficits after 2001 while also voting to deregulate Wall Street practices.  Faucher said the deficit spending during the administration of President George Bush had a much larger impact on the economy than the stimulus package pushed by President Obama.

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