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Fumo emails: 'Unrepentant' and out for revenge?

Federal prosecutors said in a court filing Friday that a trove of emails written by disgraced former state Sen. Vince Fumo over the past six months show he is "unchanged," "wholly unrepentant" and seeking revenge against prosecutors and political allies that crossed him.

Fumo emails: 'Unrepentant' and out for revenge?

Even prison couldn´t separate Vince Fumo from his emails.
Even prison couldn't separate Vince Fumo from his emails.

Daily News reporter Michael Hinkelman has culled through the federal government's filing of prison emails from Vince Fumo:

Not even prison could separate Vince Fumo from his email.

Federal prosecutors said in a court filing Friday that a trove of emails written by the disgraced former state senator over the past six months show he is “unchanged,” “wholly unrepentant” and seeking revenge against prosecutors and political allies that crossed him.

“I will repay all of those a-- holes some day!” Fumo wrote in one email.

The emails were released as the government pushes U.S. District Judge Ronald L. Buckwalter to resentence Fumo to at least 15 years in jail.

Fumo’s attorneys want the same 55-month sentence Buckwalter imposed in July 2009.
Among the emails, Fumo likened himself in a May 28 email to Jews in concentration camps and prisoners at Guantánamo Bay, according to the filing from Assistant U.S. Attorneys Robert Zauzmer and John Pease.

In another email, he reportedly took a shot at People’s Paper columnist Ronnie Polaneczky, who had praised prosecutors for pursuing an appeal of his sentence.

The feds said Fumo “wrote a string of sexual epithets about the columnist so crude and debased” that they wouldn’t publish it.

Fumo’s attorneys warned him about what he wrote in the emails, which were subject to monitoring.

The feds also quoted a June 2, 2011 email Fumo wrote to a 9th-grade Philadelphia high-school student, who struck up an email correspondence with Fumo.

Fumo had referred to his trial and conviction on 137 corruption counts in 2009 as a “travesty of justice.”

When the student further inquired what he meant, Fumo replied the case was a “nightmare,” that he had never hurt nor victimized anyone, and that he was “convicted of technical bullsh--,” according to the government filing.

Fumo attorney Dennis Cogan said the defense, which expected to file its reply Friday night, had gotten the emails earlier Friday.

“I know that [Fumo] has been, from all the things I’ve seen, including his private correspondence, that he has been crushed by this experience,” Cogan said. “Is he angry? Is he developing defense mechanisms based on how he feels he’s been treated? Yes, and that’s what this is.”

Fumo is to be resentenced Nov. 9. A U.S. Court of Appeals panel in August ordered the resentencing after they found Buckwalter had made some legal errors when he sentenced him earlier.

“This is about mob mentality and vindictiveness to the highest order!” Fumo reportedly wrote after the 3rd circuit Court’s ruling.

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