With friends like these...Buono Facebook page gets Christied

Gov. Christie's Democratic challenger, Sen. Barbara Buono, has been running an intense social media campaign. Outmatched about 5:1 in donations, and suffering from low name recognition across the state, Buono has taken to social media -- posting ads on Facebook and tweeting daily. 

But her campaign apparently missed one axiom of 2013: Don't let strangers post willy-nilly on your page.  

State Sen. Barbara Buono (MEL EVANS/AP)

When I checked yesterday Buono's page was filled, almost entirely, with vehemently pro-Christie -- or just anti-Buono -- posts. In fact, it was hard to find a pro-Buono sentiment in the bunch. Comments included: 


  • Christie is the best thing that's happened to nj in years
  • Tax and spend like there is no tomorrow! How are you going to be any different? Seems Florio promised lower taxes and see where that got us, and every Democrat after him did the same. :/ 
  • Stay away from my FB web page. This is harrasment already. I do not care about you. Tired of what you represent. Liberal agenda.


So her Facebook ads were working -- they were driving people to her page. But the problem was her opponents were going there, too -- and her campaign was letting them post.

After PolitickerNJ first reported this yesterday, the campaign scrubbed the negativity from the page. Buono was apparently allowing anyone to post on her timeline. Most politicians, like the president, allow comments under posts -- but not comments directly to the timeline.

Christie doesn't allow people to write on his timeline, but he does get negative comments on his posts -- usually from Republicans calling him a RINO.