Warren Buffett should 'shut up,' Christie says

On CNN's Piers Morgan tonight, Gov. Christie said Warren Buffett - the billionaire who wants the wealthy taxed more - "should just write a check and shut up."

"If he wants to give the government more money he should write a check," Christie said.

Warren Buffett

Yet other than that comment, Christie found himself in the unusual position of not satisfying the interviewer with enough red meat. In their last go-round, Morgan had lobbed softballs the governor's way. This time, Morgan kept pressing Christie for answers on a range of national topics, and he didn't seem satisfied with the gov's answers -- or lack thereof:

Q: Should Mitt Romney (whom Christie has endorsed) described himself as "severely conservative"?

A: Christie wouldn't say one way or another. He only said that it was the outgrowth of a spontaneous moment. "If you want a performance, a theater performance, go to the president of the United States...if you think that's genuine, then he's your guy to vote for."

Q: Is your opposition to same-sex marriage becoming out of step with the rest of the country, which is increasingly supportive of gay marriage? 

Christie at first cast doubt on the premise of the question, then said: "I don't compromise my principles for politics." Asked if he gets flak from his gay friends for his positions, he said, yes, from some. Asked if they think he's bigoted, he said no.

Q: What do you think of the issue of contraception that has recently cropped up?

A: Christie called it a distraction, but didn't criticize his fellow conservatives who pressed it as an issue in recent weeks. "I don't have any problem with people using contraception. I think it's a personal choice." 

Q: What do you think of Romney's remark that he's not worried about the very poor?

A: "All I can tell you is what I do. And in New Jersey I'm responsible for everyone. As the governor, as the president, you have to be responsible, you have to care about everyone the exact same way...I'm not going to get into this class warfare business."

Q: Romney opposed the bailout of the auto industry (and now that position could cost him the Michigan GOP primary). Do you agree with the Obama auto bailout?

A: Christie said he has no opinion on it because he was dealing with a fiscal crisis in New Jersey at the time. "I actually give things three or four seconds before I give an opinion," he said. But Morgan pressed the gov -- "The reason you don't want to answer it because you disagree with him on it." Christie wouldn't budge. "I'm not going to give you an opionon on something as complex as that issue," he said.

Q: Would you use your bully pulpit to tell companies like Apple to move jobs back to the U.S. from China?

A: "If anyone feels they want to speak out on any of those things they should speak out in an informed way."