WANTED: Retired public workers who bought a boat

Are you a retired state, county, municipal or school employee? Did you bank your unused sick and vacation time and cash it in for a boat? If so, let's chat.

My colleague Maya Rao and I wrote a story today, here, about the one-year anniversary of Gov. Christie's so-called property tax tool kit. At a town hall meeting in Evesham yesterday, the gov said the Democrats are refusing to address one element of his tool kit which would prevent future employees from cashing in on sick and vacation days that they don't take. Christie conditionally vetoed a measure that would have capped pay-outs at $15,000; Democratic Assemblywoman Pamela Lampitt from Cherry Hill is offering a compromise lowering the cap to $7,500.

We'll keep an eye on that proposal, but in the mean time Christie is going to continue to blast the pay-out practice in public forums. And when he does, he's going to repeat his accusation that public employees call the sick and vacation leave payments "boat checks" - because they can use it to buy a boat.

Yet I've heard from two public workers today who say they have never heard of the "boat check." Have you?