They've got love for 'hot and sexy' Christie

Gov. Christie, despite the confrontational bombast evident on YouTube, generally gets a mostly warm response at town hall meetings.

In Sussex County today at the northern top of the state, however, he was greeted with blazing, red-hot love when he delivered his plan to force public employees to pay more toward their benefits while cutting spending in his proposed budget.

Gov. Christie said he worried the bill allowed gambling outside Atlantic City. A new version could come as early as next week. (MEL EVANS / Associated Press)

One woman even called him "hot and sexy." Others literally peered through open windows to catch a glimpse of the governor.

The Republican Christie said the time was now for pension and benefit reforms. He quoted State Senate President Stephen Sweeney, a Democrat, who said he had wanted to get pension and benefits reform put into law by mid-March.

"If property taxes go up in August, don't come see me, come see [Senate President] Steve Sweeney and [Assembly Speaker] Sheila Oliver," he said, blasting them for not approving the "tool kit" measures that he believes would lower taxes.

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