The reason why Obama and Christie were laughing...

Gov. Christie walks President Obama toward Air Force One in Newark after they toured flood-ravaged towns in New Jersey. (Rich Schultz / Associated Press)

Thank you for your participation yesterday in the first-ever CCCC (Christie Chronicles Caption Contest). I appreciate all of your hilarious captions about what President Obama and Gov. Christie were laughing about in this Associated Press picture – and I really appreciate how you refrained from making fun of me in offering your caption ideas.

The winner is jtiddy, who offered this:

Obama: "See Chris, this is called 'official use' of a helicopter."

Christie: "Oh, Get the Hell off the Tarmac!"

Turns out, jtiddy was close! In my story today, Christie says he and the president had several good laughs during their time together touring flood areas in North Jersey on Sunday. But I specifically asked what the story was behind this picture, and Christie said it started after Obama said goodbye to Christie before getting onto the Marine One presidential helicopter.

The problem? Christie thought he was supposed to fly on the chopper with Obama back to Newark, where the politicians would say goodbye and go their separate ways.

"The president is showing you the door you don't go, 'Oh no-no-no-no, dude, I'm supposed to be riding with you,'" Christie said.

So Christie walked away until one of the president's advance people sent him back to the helicopter.

"[Obama] said, 'What are you doing here? I said, 'I'm supposed to be riding with you.'"

When they finally landed in Newark, Obama pointed to Air Force One. "He said, 'You're not coming on there with me too, are you?' And I said, 'Only if you ask.' And he said 'No, you can finish here.'"

Funny. But it would be a whole lot more hilarious if Christie was actually gunning for the Air Force One trip to the White House in 2012.