'The governor is not running for president,' #2 says

Kim Guadagno, New Jersey's lieutenant governor, stops in Atlantic City at the end of August after Hurricane Irene. (Ed Hille/Inquirer Staff)

The gov began a week of fundraising, politicking and speaking visits around the country today. In other words, he has, advertently or not, fired a flamethrower into the embers of his non-existent presidential campaign.

The conservative media is stoking that flame, from the Wall Street Journal editorial page to the Washington Post's Jennifer Rubin to Fox News, due largely to supreme dissatisfaction with the current crop of GOP contenders to face POTUS. Even Saturday Night Live and The New York Times have checked in with some Christie speculation.

So when Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno, serving in Christie's place, signed a bill today that moves the New Jersey presidential primary to June, it provoked several questions from the assembled press corps at the Statehouse.

Is he running?

"The governor is not running for president."

Should he run?

"I think the governor is doing a great job here. I think the governor started something two years ago and we've gotten much farther in our agenda than we expected."

Moving the primary back to June from February saves $12 million, because it couples the primary with elections for statewide office, but does it help late entrants into the race?


Is the rumor true you might be running for president? (this was a joke)

"I'd like that more, but nah, no."

Below, in a video from the Star-Ledger, Christie sings about how he was born to run: