The gov race is set: It's BB vs. CC

Barbara Buono is running for governor of New Jersey. (Mel Evans / AP)

Barring any knight in Democratic armor, Gov. Christie has his opponent in this year's governor's race. She's a petite 59-year-old veteran lawmaker with a liberal voting record and a track record of bucking her own party. She runs (literally) every day -- and she once relied on public assistance to get her through college and law school.

New Jersey, meet Barbara Buono. And Barbara Buono, meet the world -- because now that you're running against Chris Christie, your name recognition is going to go up a hell of a lot faster than it did when you went from the state Assembly to the state Senate.

So, it's BB vs. CC, an alliterative fight to rename "The Christie Chronicles." (Please help: I may need a "b" word that's a synonym for "chronicles.")

Moments ago, the South Jersey Democratic bloc came out in full support. Moments after that, former Gov. Dick Codey signed on (he hadn't endorsed her last Friday when he officially dropped out of the race).

That means there will essentially be no contested primary in June, and Buono can start campaigning against Christie right now. Her first official press conference was yesterday, and her official campaign kick-off is this Saturday.

Therefore, despite some reluctance by many Democrats to get on board, it's on. Here's a piece of the statement from the South Jersey Dems:

Four more years of Chris Christie would be four more years of protecting multi-­‐millionaires, denying women access to critical life-­‐saving healthcare services, rising unemployment, no relief for overburdened property taxpayers and the most vulnerable in society being trampled by failed policies. Not only is Barbara Buono uniquely qualified to serve as our next Governor, but also she has the vision and drive desperately needed to get New Jersey working again.