Spending public money on relatives, booze and an iPad

William Dunn, director of the Mount Holly Municipal Utilities Authority, makes $192,796 a year. "People say, 'He's making more than the governor.' I have to say, 'So what?'" said Dunn. (APRIL SAUL/ Staff Photographer)

With Christie making news this week for cleaning house at the Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission - a place he described as a patronage pit - colleague Maya Rao turned today to the governmental authorities in South Jersey, where:

  • The Merchantville-Pennsauken Water Commission provides benefits and pension credits for Pennsauken Mayor Jack Killion's daughter to attend monthly meetings.
  • The executive director of the Mount Holly Municipal Utilities Authority, William Dunn, earns $192,796, which is more than the governor's salary (but less than the $313,000 earned by the former PVSC executive director).
  • The Mount Holly Municipal Utilities Authority billed ratepayers $236.96 for meals at the Robin's Nest restaurant, $714.42 for an iPad engraved with the executive director's name, $500 for alcohol and $4,000 for hotel stays in Atlantic City.
  • The Merchantville-Pennsauken Water Commission pays $75,000 for health insurance for its part-time commissioners.
  • The Pennsauken Sewerage Authority has a maintenance man, the son of an authority commissioner, earning $58,032, while a township committeeman, William Orth, makes $123,240 as its executive director and Orth's wife collects $51,168 as an administrative assistant.

As the gov pushes for a bill that would give him veto power over the PVSC and the North Jersey District Water Supply Commission, will Christie soon turn his attention down here?