Speaker Boehner: Run, Chris, Run

Another day, and another tidbit about a Christie presidential run pops up on my RSS feed. This time, it's House Speaker John Boehner, the highest elected Republican in the country, saying on the Today show that Christie would make a great presidential candidate:

"I think he's done a great job, and he speaks English, which the American people like -- English, like in plain talk."

Yesterday, we heard Christie say on 1210AM that he's "thrilled" at the talk of a possible run, but has no plans to enter the race as anything but a kingmaker. And over the weekend, word came that a bunch of big-time fundraisers from Iowa, the state with uber-presidential picking powers, are headed to the governor's Drumthwacket mansion to beg him to run.

And now, there's Boehner, praising Christie for speaking English. We'll see what further buzz surfaces tomorrow, when the governor is due in Washington, DC, a few blocks from the White House, for an education forum with President Obama's education secretary.