Some unwelcome press on keynote eve

TAMPA - Two news stories that landed on the eve of Gov. Christie's Introduction To America (also known as his Republican convention keynote speech) were not received kindly in the Christie camp today.

First, The New York Post used anonymous sources to report that Christie refused Mitt Romney's demand that he resign his job as governor in order to become the vice-presidential nominee. Romney is said to have been concerned about Securities and Exchange Commission rules limiting donations to sitting governors, possibly restricting a Romney-Christie ticket from raising money from bankers.

Today's New York Post cover.

But Christie refused to resign in order to be Romney's running mate, The Post said. Why? He thinks Romney is going to lose.

Also, the editors used a fat pun on the front page headline of the story: FAT CHANCE.

"It's just completely false," he said in a meeting with the New Jersey press corps today. 

"A) I was I was never offered the vice presidency. B) I never turned it down. C) I never thought in my mind that a factor I'd consider if it was offered was that I decided he couldn’t win."

Christie noted that he has campaigned throughout the country for Romney and raised millions of dollars for him.

Also today, Bloomberg News reported that Christie is getting heavier. It noted that pictures taken now compared to those taken before he was governor prove that he has put on weight. And that poses risks for his personal and political future.

"If that’s what people are fascinated with, that’s fine. I'm overweight," Christie said today.

If he loses weight, he said, they'd be interested in something else. "Then it'll be my hair or my nose...You're in public life. That's what happens. You get picked apart and caricatured. If you can't handle it, you get out."