Snooki snags Jersey tax break

Snooki hurts her knee. (

The governor has asked New York to "take back" the New Yorkers who star in MTV's smash-hit "Jersey Shore."

"We don't want them," Christie has said, calling the show a disgusting interpretation of life on the Jersey Shore.

So when the Star-Ledger reported this week that the state Economic Development Authority approved a $420,000 tax credit for the 2009 production of the first season in Seaside Heights, it created something of a Situation.

A Democratic state senator and a national coalition of Italian-Americans are calling on the governor to veto the credit.

"It is the height of hypocrisy for the governor to issue statements about how awful he thinks the show is, but then create the kind of atmosphere that allows that same show to benefit from New Jersey taxpayer dollars," said State Sen. Paul Sarlo (D., Bergen), citing his veto of a bill that would have attracted more "worthwhile" productions to the state.

"I guess the governor can add the cast of 'Jersey Shore' to New Jersey's millionaires as the only group of folks who seem to be benefiting in Chris Christie's New Jersey."

Sarlo said he hopes New Jersey taxpayers "don’t end up paying for Snooki's bail the next time she is arrested."

A spokesman for the governor said he can't legally do anything about the tax credit. He said Christie has not been in favor of such tax credits, but they were initially put into the pipeline by the Corzine administration. Christie suspended the program in 2010 to close a budget deficit.