Readying for campaign, Christie makes staff change

If you're following the Christie-Buono race for governor -- and why wouldn't you? -- get ready to see a lot more of this name: Kevin Roberts.

In a shake-up to prepare for the campaign, Roberts is moving from his role as the No. 2 spokesman in the governor's Statehouse office to the No. 1 spokesman on the campaign trail. 

Roberts, 28, is the more mild-mannered of Christie's main mouthpieces. While the gov's long-time top spokesman, Michael Drewniak, is known for his uncanny ability to channel the spirited blunt nature (and occasional anger) of his boss, Roberts' style is more in line with his native California. He's the lower-case email to Drewniak's upper-case missives. (I've also never seen Roberts in yelling matches with reporters in the DMZ between the gov's communications office and reporters' row, but he has three more days in the Statehouse until he leaves, so you never know.)

Roberts is known for his sharp, sometimes informative and occasionally hilarious notes to Statehouse reporters. Drewniak is known for his classic rebukes, like this one:  "If you want to cherry pick this particular utterance, be my guest." (The context is irrelevant.)

Roberts' counterpart is another California native. David Turner, a veteran of the Obama campaign in Ohio, is the spokesman for Sen. Barbara Buono, Christie's challenger.