Readers react to our pursuit of gov's outbox

Interesting reaction to my piece today recounting how the Christie administration has blocked The Inquirer's attempts to get a copy of the governor's email lists.

We're not looking for the governor's personal emails -- or even his one-on-one emails with other legislators (although that would be nice) -- we just want to know whom his communications staff sends press releases to. In a separate but related request, we want to know what tax dollars are spent on the governor's political travels.

Through this information, we hope to understand more about the national political phenomenon that is Chris Christie. For more about why we're pursuing this, and how the administration is opposing it, my story today is here

Some readers who emailed me today support The Inquirer in its pursuit of this information:

  • "While Gov. Christie travels the country self promoting himself, it should be known who is paying his expenses and for what purposes does he leave his duties in New Jersey....So YES I do think it is the publics business to know whom the Governor e-mails and Thank You for your efforts and persistence in keeping the public informed. Great Job!!!!"
Several thought I should ignore this information -- but pursue records for Corzine, Obama, Rendell, etc. (For the record, I only cover Christie):
  • "Matt, to make it look like you're not nit-picking Republicans by criticizing Christie, you should ask Obama for his email list. Or maybe Biden, or Casey,or even Nutter. Then you could write another column to tell us how that went. I would even like to see your email list since I'm an Inquirer customer and help to pay your salary. Think you could do that Matt?"
Some pro-Christie folks don't want me to know anything:
  • "Chris Christie is the best thing that has happened to New Jersey in my lifetime. The corrupt politicians of old were taking NJ down the path of no return...Mind your own business and allow this exceptional governor to continue on his path of improving the lives of New Jersey residents."