Protecting Romney, Christie kills the messenger

Mickey Corsi of Bedford, Texas, protests Tuesday outside a Dallas hotel hosting a Mitt Romney campaign fundraiser. His sign refers to a controversial quote that Romney made at a secretly videotaped fundraiser with well-heeled donors in Florida in May. (Associated Press)

Asked to weigh in on Mitt Romney's comments about not caring about 47 percent of Americans, Gov. Christie today went after the media.

Christie called in to a pro-Christie host on NJ101.5 FM to discuss New Jersey issues, but he was asked about the "media frenzy" over Romney's remarks:

"Some people in the media should just turn in their media credential and get an Obama For President credential the way they focus on things that people said back last May.

"Listen here’s what I know because I’ve spoken to Gov. Romney over the last number of years about what he believes. He believes that everybody in America should have skin in the game. Everybody should be part of the fair shared sacrifice. And he wants everybody to be able to have the opportunity to be able to lift themselves up and their families up and have economic opportunity to do that. He doesn’t believe that happens by making a bigger, more expensive, more bloated government which is what the president has done by adding $6 trillion in debt over the last four years...

"So it’s another one of those distractions that happens. I think you’ve got to keep your eye on the ball and talk about people’s futures, how we’re going to get people back to work in this country."