Pro-Christie group goes on TV with new ad

The newly famous Gov. Christie/Cory Booker parody video is now at more than 300,000 views, the second-most viewed video on the gov's YouTube channel. And while it may still be getting much of the buzz, you'll soon be seeing something new on a TV near you: A pro-Christie advertisement. 

The governor's take-away from the 3 1/2-minute film with Newark Mayor Booker, a Democrat, was that he is a bipartisan kind of guy. He reiterated that on Wednesday at a town hall meeting.

Interestingly, the ad from the 501(c)4 advocacy group known as Committee for Our Children's Future, which came out on Wednesday, has the same theme. It features actors playing Republicans, Democrats and independents who praise Christie and "reformers from both sides" for "getting the job done."  

Even though the governor's friends from the University of Delaware helped to start the group that paid for the ad, and even though the theme of bipartisanship surfaced both in the ad and from Christie on the same day, the governor has said in the past that he has nothing to do with its advertising.

That's because such affiliation is not allowed. As a disclaimer on the donate page of the Committee for Our Children's Future web site says, it is "not affiliated with any candidate of party."

The $1.6 million ad buy -- the group's fourth for Christie -- will be playing in Philly, New Jersey, New York, Delaware and Connecticut over the next three weeks. (Since I'll be off work next week, these ads will have to temporarily scratch your Christie itch.)