Optimistic Christie thinks Mets finish .500, which is 'bad for the Democrats'

In keeping with my promise to blog everything the Gov says about the Mets...

I'm an optimistic Mets fan, generally speaking, but Gov. Christie looks at this team with far rosier glasses than I. Considering USA Today picked the Mets to finish last in the division (behind the Nats!), considering the media has already decided the Phillies pitching staff will be inducted in the Hall of Fame, considering we got more injuries than the Phillies have fairweather fans, I just can't buy the Gov's optimism about the Mets:

"This smells like a .500 team to me, it smells like an 81-81," Christie said yesterday in response to a question at a press conference. "There'll be moments when they'll be really good and you'll be really excited, and there'll ber seven or eight games losing streaks where you won't want to turn the TV on."

That won't be good enough to make the playoffs, though, which is bad for the Democrats running for election in the Legislature, he warns: "Will probably give me more time to campaign - I'll be going to less Mets games - so that will be bad for the Democrats."