NY Gov. Cuomo & NJ Gov. Christie 'separated at birth' (but not Obama)

Andrew Cuomo and girlfriend Sandra Lee. (Peter Kramer / Associated Press)

"When I see what governor Cuomo is doing across the river, I think it's true, I think we were separated at birth."

That's Gov. Christie, sending a holla across the Hudson to New York's new Democratic governor at a conference for Big Pharma this morning in Jersey City. He credited Cuomo for doing the same things he did: Closing budget massive deficits without raising taxes, avoiding new taxes on millionaries and capping school superintendents' salaries.

"This is not a red and blue issue; this is a black and white issue," Christie said. "This is about balancing the books."

But the speech then turned pretty red when Christie launched into what amounted to a Republican response to President Obama's speech yesterday on closing the deficit through spending cuts and higher taxes.

"Now it seems we have a president whose administration knows how to do everything better than you," Christie said.

Christie accused Obama of "political posturing" - "just a game that's being played to try to better position for re-election."

Christie promised to never raise taxes, recounted how he had gotten personally involved to keep big businesses in the state, detailed how he had cut funding to schools and state government, and cited how state regulations had gone down by a third.

"I don't need to have a master political strategist in the White House. I prefer to have a leader. And sometimes leading means putting your own political capital at risk...And so we've got to stop allowing people to pretend to be leaders by sticking their finger up in the air to see which way the wind's blowing and then running to the front of that pack and pretending to lead."