Look who's coming to dinner!

Tonight's the night when a group of wealthy Iowans come to the governor's mansion to beg Gov. Christie to run for president. It's a dinner that, you may recall, I am not invited to.

Bruce Rastetter, called a "hog and ethanol baron" by the DeMoines Register, leads the group of Iowa conservatives believed to be more fiscally-minded than culturally-minded. Rastetter is a major GOP contributor with strong business ties to the Koch brothers -- the controversial, mega-rich duo who have bankrolled Republican causes.

Rastetter also reportedly helped start the American Future Fund, which has sought support for the ethanol industry and various conservative causes by donating to Republicans around the country. According to a New York Times article in 2010: "The American Future Fund, organized under a tax code provision that lets donors remain anonymous, is one of dozens of groups awash in money from hidden sources and spending it at an unprecedented rate, largely on behalf of Republicans."

Meanwhile, check out the video below. Fox News apparently hyped up a potential Christie candidacy over and over again this morning.