Is sports radio job in Christie's future?

Gov. Christie is among "plenty of candidates" New York’s WFAN sports radio station is considering to replace Mike Francesa.

Gov. Christie is among the candidates that New York’s WFAN sports radio station would like to consider to replace its longtime afternoon host, who is expected to retire at the end of the year, according to the Bergen Record.

“I would certainly at least want to consider him,” the station’s program director, Mark Chernoff, told the newspaper. “If he’s interested and we’re interested, it's worth pursuing.”

Christie is among “plenty of candidates” the station is contemplating as Mike Francesa’s replacement, Chernoff said in a story published Wednesday.

Christie, whose term ends in January 2018, has been the subject of speculation as a potential pick to join President Trump's administration. Christie, who threw his support to Trump early on, was bypassed as Trump's running mate last year.

But while the governor hasn't left for Washington, he has repeatedly filled in as a guest host on WFAN’s Boomer & Carton show — and has previously stirred speculation about taking a sports-radio gig.

Christie's office declined to comment Wednesday. The governor has previously noted that state law prohibits him from negotiating or agreeing to outside compensation while he's in office.

If the governor does join WFAN, he’d have many more opportunities to opine on topics like Phillies fans — whom he went after in a recent diatribe as “angry,” “bitter,” and “awful people.”