ICYMI: The price of battle

In case you missed it, in Sunday's paper I wrote about the growth in the lobbying business in the Christie era:

Are you in the governor's crosshairs? Does he want to enact policies that you object to? Care to respond?

No problem. It'll cost you just $10,875,011.

That's what Gov. Christie's chief nemesis, the New Jersey Education Association teachers union, spent last year for "communications" lobbying: an anti-Christie campaign that featured TV ads, radio spots, and a plane that flew up and down the Jersey Shore proclaiming Christie's love for millionaires.

The ads are needed, the NJEA says, to counter Christie's free arsenal (his regular national TV interviews, 45-minute news conferences and near-weekly town hall meetings) and the firepower of his allies (multimillion-dollar ad campaigns by a pro-Christie political action committee, supportive talk shows on 101.5 FM, and the state Republican Party, which recently sent two young videographers to NJEA headquarters hoping to catch union bosses doing something unflattering).

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