ICYMI: Tonight's the night

In Case You Missed It, I previewed the gov's keynote tonight in today's paper:

TAMPA - Gov. Christie needs to make Mitt Romney more likable. He needs to woo independents and moderates while firing up the conservative Republican base and feeding red meat to the tea party. 

He may wish to lay the groundwork for a possible presidential bid in 2016 or 2020, but he must not appear too eager. He must brag about his New Jersey accomplishments so he can run for reelection, but he must not distract from Romney's accomplishments.

And he needs to do it all in 20 minutes.

Such are the expectations, culled from pundits' tips and Republicans' hopes, for Christie's nationally televised keynote address at the GOP convention Tuesday night.

Little wonder the speech has been through 14 drafts.

"You all overthink this stuff," a relaxed Christie said Monday in an hour-long interview with the New Jersey press corps at a hotel meeting room high above windswept Tampa Bay. "I'm going to go out there and be myself."

That's why fewer than 10 people have read his speech, he says - he wants to protect his voice from too much input.

Romney's people read it and returned it, sans red ink. "They like it, and told me to go get 'em," Christie said.

That 14th draft was sent off to the teleprompter operator Monday. Yet one thing remains unsettled: He and Mary Pat, his wife, have to choose from one of six ties.

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