ICYMI: This weekend, at least, the governor is a Giants fan

In case you missed it, today I reported that yes, Gov. Christie will be at the SuperBowl today to watch the New "Jersey" Giants, but no, he is not a Giants fan...

Imagine free luxury-box seats at every game. Imagine unfettered access to team ownership and talking trades as a cohost on sports radio.

Imagine being the most powerful sports fan in New Jersey. 

Gov. Christie, a Mets fan so hard-core he carries his midday meal to the Statehouse in a beat-up Mets giveaway lunch box, relishes his role as Jersey fan-in-chief.

But politics brings complications. Despite the governor's predicting a 27-21 win by the New Jersey-based New York Giants over the New England Patriots in Sunday's Super Bowl, Christie confidant Bill Palatucci reveals: "The only team he hates more than the Giants is the Yankees."

Don't get too excited, Eagles fans. While saying that he is "not a Giants-hater," Christie acknowledged Friday that, yes, his favorite football team is . . . the Dallas, blech, Cowboys.

This weekend, "I'm totally for the Giants," Christie said in an interview. In fact, he is taking one of his sons to the game in Indianapolis.

But Christie refused to pander: "When the Giants play the Cowboys next year, I'll be rooting for the Cowboys."

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