ICYMI: For politicians, where you live could jeopardize your job (or not)

In case you missed it, on Sunday I looked at the myriad residency issues playing out in New Jersey political cycles -- and why that means you can't get a divorce right now in Essex County: 

Home may be where the heart is, but in New Jersey, home is wherever politicians and judges say it is.

From Congress to the Legislature, the quirks of residency laws have become the Garden State's latest political sideshow.

Last week, Republican Gov. Christie's acting education commissioner, Christopher Cerf, seemed to be on the verge of getting a long-awaited confirmation hearing.

The fact that Cerf lives in Essex County has allowed the Democratic state senator there, Ron Rice, to single-handedly block any Cerf hearing through a process known as senatorial courtesy. Rice opposes Cerf's confirmation.

In response, Christie has refused to nominate judges to the Essex County bench, leading to a chaotic backlog in the courts. Want to get divorced in Essex right now? Tell your new girlfriend: Too bad.

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