ICYMI: More on the Whitney flag flap

In case you missed it, more news on the Whitney Houston flag flap in today's paper. I wrote about a little-known Christie veto of a bill that would have required flags fly at half-staff for the deaths of active service members:

PALISADES PARK, N.J. - A month before his controversial order to honor the late Whitney Houston by flying flags at half-staff, Gov. Christie rejected a bill that would have required the deaths of active New Jersey service members to be reported to local and county leaders to ensure a similar show of respect.

Despite unanimous support from Republicans and Democrats in the Legislature, the Republican governor let the measure die by not signing it. That's known as a pocket veto.

The bill is of renewed interest because of outrage that followed Christie's order to fly flags in the state at half-staff last Friday, the day before the New Jersey pop star's funeral. Social media exploded with commenters saying a singer with a history of drug abuse should not be afforded the same honor given to slain service members.

Asked at a news conference Wednesday about the bill he vetoed last month, Christie said he did not remember it. He noted that many pieces of legislation were sent to his desk in the waning hours of the legislative session. And he reiterated that he had ordered flags lowered to mark the deaths of dozens of service members, police officers, and public officials, as well as a high school baseball coach and E Street Band saxophonist Clarence Clemons.

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