ICYMI: Christie rises to occasion of being true Jersey gov

In Case You Missed It, here's my story from today's paper about Gov. Christie's big week:

EWING, N.J. - He surprised: Praising President Obama one week before an election in which he had raised millions for the Republican opponent.

He pounced: Attacking Atlantic City Mayor Lorenzo Langford's alleged defiance of an evacuation order.

And he joked: Saying he'd postpone Halloween because, yes, his power is limitless.

Sandy may have weakened the coastline and electric grid and infrastructure of New Jersey, but she seemed only to strengthen Gov. Christie.

Faced with the biggest disaster of his term, Christie has seized the moment, mashing his tough-guy style and bipartisan tendencies into sound bites that have made him the political voice and face of Hurricane Sandy.

"Today was a bit of a day of sorrow for a lot of people," Christie said Tuesday night, sans notes, after touring the Jersey Shore.

"As long as sorrow does not displace resilience, then we'll be just fine."

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