ICYMI: Christie and Dems at stalemate over how to get you back to work

In Case You Missed It during Hurricane Sandy, here's my story in Monday's paper about the political gridlock over legislation intended to address unemployment:

TRENTON - To stimulate New Jersey's struggling economy, Democratic and Republican legislators joined together to send a dozen jobs bills to Gov. Christie in his first year in office.

But in 2010 and early 2011, the new Republican governor took his pen and vetoed every one, even those that came with unanimous support.

Later, when Democrats tried to override his vetoes, Republicans switched their votes to join Christie. Sen. Diane Allen (R., Burlington) changed her vote four times.

With the state's current 9.8 percent unemployment rate the fourth-worst in the country, the Democrats who control the Legislature now are reintroducing half of these economic-stimulus bills.

And they still have little chance of becoming law.

Christie says a bill that offers a tax credit, as most of these do, must come with spending reductions. He would rather help the economy with income tax credits, paid through a projected budget surplus. Democrats say the state can't afford that.

Where does that leave New Jersey? In a stalemate over how to get people working.

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