ICYMI: A new Chris Christie for 2012?

In case you missed it, my story in Sunday's paper was based on an interview I had with the governor in his office on Friday. We talked about a range of issues, some of which didn't make it into the paper (Mets television broadcasts from the 80s and 90s, his praise for Gov. Corbett's handling of the Penn State scandal, etc.).

Here's the story

Turns out Gov. Christie does have a filter to process his thoughts before he speaks into a microphone. 

He just doesn't always use it.

"I think I can become better at the way I express myself to the public," Christie acknowledged Friday in a 45-minute Statehouse interview to mark his term's midpoint.

"I'm a completely unscripted person most of the time, and sometimes that leads you to say things that in retrospect you wish you had said differently. . . . Those are all things that I have to keep in mind."

Christie's rare admission of fault comes nearly two years into a term that has seen him achieve bipartisan policy victories at home and an explosion in political popularity nationwide.

His tenure has been characterized by fruitful but sometimes fraught relationships with Democrats - relationships that, he says, are on the mend.

And it has been marked by flirtations with higher office that ended with his endorsing Mitt Romney and becoming a key player in this year's presidential campaign. He's rallying the Romney faithful Sunday evening in New Hampshire.

But it is the 49-year-old former federal prosecutor's personality - captured in candid and occasionally confrontational moments on YouTube - that has fueled the Christie phenomenon.

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