ICYMI: 'Sir, with all due respect, you need to get a life'

In Case You Missed It, Gov. Christie stopped in Mount Laurel this week for an entertaining town hall. He told of campaigning with Mitt Romney in Ohio and he blasted New Jersey's affordable housing law. Meanwhile, Democrats called him out for lying. Here's my story:

State Sen. Diane Allen (R., Burlington) was backstage Thursday afternoon with Gov. Christie as he made his way into the gymnasium of the Mount Laurel YMCA for the 96th town hall of his term. 

"She saw the dazed look in my eyes. She goes, 'Governor, it's Thursday, and you're in New Jersey,' " Christie recounted in his opening remarks on stage.

The Republican governor had just returned to the business of gritty New Jersey politics after a two-day swing through Ohio for GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney and six weeks of on-again, off-again campaigning for U.S. Senate and gubernatorial candidates in eight other states.

Before he got down to the task of making fun of Democrats and Supreme Court justices, he told the crowd of more than 600 people about his travels.

"Being on the bus in Ohio for two days with Mitt Romney convinced more and more I made the right decision not running for president," Christie said. "It's crazy out there! It's just absolutely crazy."

He expressed aw-shucks surprise at how Republicans around the country knew about the issues he pushes back home. 

In Fargo, N.D., a man asked Christie to fly him to New Jersey for a town-hall meeting.

"I said, 'Sir, with all due respect, you need to get a life,' " the governor said.

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