ICYMI: Christie has to slow his goals for schools

In case you missed it, this article appeared in Sunday's Inquirer and on Philly.com.

Gov. Christie may have declared this the "year of education reform," but for legislators, this is the year of reelection.

Amid campaign fund-raising and door-knocking this fall, legislators are only sporadically convening to consider bills. That means Christie's efforts to overhaul public education have slowed until after November.

So far unable to push a single significant education bill through the Democratic-controlled Legislature, Christie is lowering his short-term goals, easing the antiunion rhetoric, and highlighting more mild aspects of his reform agenda.

During visits to three schools last week, Christie laughed with students and sought advice from superintendents, downshifting from the aggressive style he used earlier this year in weekly, jam-packed town-hall meetings to successfully sell public employee benefits changes.

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