Gov. Christie greets radio host: 'Up yours'

Gov. Christie made his monthly appearance on 101.5 FM's "Ask The Governor" show last night, and as always, it was compelling radio from the start. (See video below.)

Host Eric Scott began by saying the gov looked "kinder and gentler and less cross today." 

"Up yours, Eric," Christie replied, before smirking and half-apologizing. He said he thought Scott was being facetious (which of course he was). 

The two then bantered about sports before taking calls. Some highlights:

  • "Loretta in Teaneck" - aka State Sen. Loretta Weinberg, Christie's nemesis from the left wing, called up and asked Christie to support her bill reinstating $7.5 million for family planning centers. Christie had killed the money and vetoed a bipartisan bill bringing the money in. "I'm hoping I'm finding a kinder gentler governor today at the other end of the phone," she said. He replied: "For you, you never know." He said he would consider her bill, and his decision would be based on finances, not his opposition to abortion.  
  • Given an opportunity, the gov refused to reiterate his threat, made last month on the same program, that he might defy an upcoming Supreme Court decision that could order more money for schools.
  • Christie did not appear to be supportive of Bruce in Barnegat's suggestion to use newfound state funds to throw a party, Jersey Fest 2011, with "bands, booze and broads."