Forget 2016: Chris Christie vs. Wendy Davis in 2014 may be epic

N.J. Gov. Chris Christie and Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis (AP file photos)

Remember Texas filibuster master Wendy Davis, the state senator who skyrocketed from obscurity to national fame on the heels of hot pink sneakers and an 11-hour filibuster over an anti-abortion bill? Davis lost her fight over the abortion bill, but yesterday she announced she is running for the Democratic nomination for Texas governor.

This is likely to be one of the more high-profile elections of 2014, because Texas is the second biggest state in the country, abortion is the backdrop and Davis is a political celebrity. 

But Chris Christie is also a political celeb. And next year, assuming he wins re-election in November, Christie will be chairman of the Republican Governors Association -- traveling the country raising money for whatever Republicans are running against whatever Democrats.

Davis has so far flexed some considerable political skills, and she's got a eye-popping resume: A teen mom who worked her way to Harvard Law School and became a state senator in a Republican district. And although she's technically running against Greg Abbott, the state's attorney general, she may very likely face off with Christie. As RGA chairman, Christie would most certainly be in Houston and Dallas and Austin raising money for Abbott. And as a popular nationally-known Republican, he could also headline Abbott rallies or act as a surrogate on the Texas campaign trail.

A Davis-Christie fight would garner national attention. And although such a fight could do damage to that moderate bipartisan image that Christie has cultivated in his 2013 re-election campaign, it could also help him repair relationships on the right. Trashing the current face of the pro-choice movement is one way for Christie to win back those conservative 2016 primary voters who think he's a Benedict Arnold for hugging President Obama after Sandy. 

Or maybe Christie will end up just doing a few closed-door fundraisers for Abbott, say nothing too critical about Davis, and head back to Jersey. In that case, ah well. Could've been fun.