For the umpteenth time, Christie says he's not running for prez in 2012

He's in Washington DC today. He met with the New Jersey congressional delegation and spoke to a packed house at the conservative American Enterprise Institute, just a half-mile from the White House.

But Gov. Christie is not here measuring the drapes at Obama's house.

Such was the message from the gov after the possibility of a President Christie was referenced twice - first by the person who introduced him to the podium at AEI, and again by the first person to ask him a question after his speech.

"Listen, I threatened to submit suicide, I did, to convince people I'm not running," Christie said. "Apparently I have to actually commit suicide to convince people I'm not running."

Christie said he needs to feel that he is ready (which he doesn't), he needs to fulfill his commitment to the people of New Jersey (his term expires in 2013) and he has to make sure his wife will not kill him if he runs (he said she would).

That won't stop the speculation. Today Christie was named to a top spot at the Republican Governors Association, a high-profile gig, and the idea of his candidacy is being pushed by conservatives concerned that the current GOP field for 2012 is too weak.

"I'm not stupid, I see the opportunity," Christie said. "That's not a reason to be president of the United States."

I'll have more about Christie's day in DC at and the Inky on Thursday.