Don't worry about Isaac, Tampa. Here comes Chris.

Instagram photos from Gov. Christie's new convention Tumblr page depict him practicing his speech at the governor's mansion. (

Chris Christie is arriving in Tampa to deliver the Republican convention keynote speech, and everyone's going to know it.

Not one to pass up a promotional opportunity -- especially if it involves something interweb-y that other politicians haven't yet tried -- Christie launched a Tumblr page at 12:01 a.m. this morning to document his behind-the-scenes Tampa experience this week.

This is a classic move from the Christie communications braintrust. Before he delivered the State of the State speech this year, his office posted a video to promote it like a movie trailer. And to mark the 5 millionth view on his YouTube page, he posted a compilation of his most, well, memorable YouTube moments. The Tumblr, which includes behind-the-scenes pics, video of him practicing the speech and clippings from news accounts about the speech, is very much in the Christie mode of Political Communications 2.0.

Even the name of the Tumblr site, Words With Christie, is a play on the popular iPhone game Words With Friends.

The page is behing handled by the New Jersey GOP. So far, it includes Instagrams (another hip Internet thing!) of him practicing the speech with staff at the governor's mansion. There's a cute pic of his youngest daughter, and videos of him saying he's not nervous.

In addition, Christie is tweeting from a special convention account this week: @ChristieConvention.

Any popularity and publicity bounce that Christie gets off these social media tools will be dependent on how interesting, frequent and unique the content is. A live-tweeted critique of Mitt Romney's acceptance speech -- while he's giving it -- would certainly be compelling. (But I don't want to give away all of my ideas for free.)

Beyond Tumblr and Twitter and the keynote, Christie will also be getting some unexpected attention this week because Tropical Storm Isaac, closing in on the Florida coast, has essentially canceled a day of the convention. That means big-time Republicans like Jeb Bush, Nikki Haley and Mike Huckabee (all potential future Christie presidential opponents) might lose their speaking gigs, clearing the deck for more Christie coverage.

Isaac or no Isaac, there's going to be a lot of Chris.