Confident gov, confident Jersey

A Farleigh Dickenson PublicMind poll out this morning shows that New Jerseyans' confidence is at the highest level in a decade, with 51 percent saying the state is "headed in the right direction." Gov. Christie also clocks in with a 54 percent approval rating, his highest since two months after he got into office in 2010, and along the lines of other plus-50-percent rankings he's pulled in other recent polls.

Could this be because the governor, as evidenced just today in this very story, is so supremely confident in both his policy pursuits and rhetorical style that it has infected the populace? Is his confidence (detractors call it "arrogance") contagious?

“We’re a tough crowd in Jersey,” said poll director Peter Woolley. “We’re not naturally sunny. So if we think things are on the right track, it’s not Snooki’s impending wedding that’s doing it for us.”

Christie would attribute the confidence to himself - or more specifically, to his "New Jersey Comeback":