Christie's enviro policy isn't drilling, it's blowin' in the wind

Gov. Christie talks with business leaders before addressing the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce's 74th annual dinner.

If Christie drove environmentalists crazy last November when he expressed “skepticism” that global warming is caused by human beings, than they may be heartened to hear that he has blocked a gas project off the Jersey Shore.

Christie wrote a letter today to the U.S. Maritime Administration vetoing an application by Liberty Natural Gas to construct a deepwater port, 16 miles from Asbury Park, that would pipe liquid natural gas to shore. Federal law mandates governors must approve such plans, and Christie – who also opposes drilling off the Jersey Shore – has vetoed Liberty’s proposal.

“This project would present unacceptable and substantial risks to the State’s residents, natural resources, economy and security,” Christie wrote.

But where’s there’s no gas, there’s wind. Christie signed into law Friday a measure allowing wind energy facilities on some coastal piers.