Christie's 'rants' get social media love

Back in 2009, I regaled annoyed friends with my iPhone app that played "That's what she said!" at the most hilarious annoying of moments. Now, I have a new toy: NJGovRants, a new iPhone app that plays audio of dozens of Gov. Christie's most notable rants. (Hat Tip to Capitol Quickies for this one.)

To a reporter: "You must be the thinnest-skin guy in America." To New Jersey: "Like it or not, you guys are stuck with me for four years." To the teachers' union: "Heck with the kids, that's what the teachers' union said."

And the New Jersey Republican State Committee is getting in on the act, too, with a new Facebook page, here, that allows you to vote on your favorite Christie YouTube moment (and maybe throw some shekels into the kitty at the same time). One of those moments, in both the app and Facebook contest, is posted below.

And finally, in your daily can-Christie-be-president poll, Fairleigh Dickenson University has the gov losing to only two potential GOP candidates and losing to President Obama by about 6 points.