Christie's great week

Today wraps up what by any measure was a great week for the Christie Camp. If you haven't heard, the gov is well on his way to getting public employees to pay more for their health benefits and pensions, which he has sought since the beginning of his term. If the bill passes next week, it would be considered one of the key successes of Christie's term, because it cuts spending and goes after an "entitlement" program that conservatives believe has gotten too fat. It also, theoretically, will lower taxes.

Not only that, but Christie sat back and watched a Democratic Civil War this week over the bill, with Democratic power brokers like George E. Norcross III (and the South Jersey legislators he is allied with) defying the wishes of the labor unions, which have traditionally been the backbone of Democratic support. Such a fissure could pay dividends for Christie down the line.

In this file photo, Christie appears with his wife and two of his kids.

As put it in naming Christie one of this week's winners: "The governor had the added imperial amusement this week of being able to witness the gladiatorial spectacle of Democrats cannibalizing one another. Certainly, Christie likes to be able to land his own punches, but even the typically brash leader recognized the injudiciousness of convening a press conference while his opposition was busy beating up on itself."

Oh! Christie also enjoyed an hour of prime-time exposure on CNN Tuesday night, where the soft lighting and soft questions created a remarkably positive interview.

We'll see what next week brings...