Weed mailed to the gov

New Jersey's most noted marijuana legalization activist - Edward "NJ Weedman.com" Forchion - said today that he regularly sends reefer to the governor.

Since last spring, the Weedman says he has been mailing one gram of weed ("Enough for a fattie") to 15 public officials, from the state attorney general to the Burlington County prosecutor to Gov. Christie himself. None have been returned to him, he said. 

Ed Forchion, the Weedman, is disappointed in Jersey's pot law.

"The governor should get high, loosen up a little bit, relax," Forchion said.

Christie spokesman Michael Drewniak said his office has not come across the marijuana in the incoming mail. 

Weedman, who is from Pemberton Township, is due to go on trial later this week in Burlington County for allegedly driving around Mount Holly last year with one pound of marijuana. He is spending today passing out fliers promoting his web site and his independent candidacy for the state assembly in the Eighth district.

"I do expect a bunch of potheads to vote for me, and I use 'potheads' in a positive way," he said by phone this afternoon.

As for the pending trial, Forchion is representing himself, as he has in the past, and he hopes to pick pothead jurors using his "pot-dar."

The dope, sent from Weedman's home in California, comes with a letter that misspells Christie's name and misstates Christie's former law enforcement job, which was U.S. Attorney. Weedman calls Christie a "fat hypocrite."

Christie is reluctantly allowing a medical marijuana law to go into effect in New Jersey. Stricter than the law originally signed by his predecessor, it allows six dispensaries in the state. Last week, Maple Shade Township rejected a plan to put the first dispensary on Route 38.

Forchion, who uses the weed to treat control the growth of tumors in his body, said in our phone call that he smoked this morning. "I have a joint in my pocket at some point I'm going to smoke that," he said.

"Even if a cop did come, I would eat it."